Finding The Perfect Wood

Building a house is not an easy task. There is so much thinking and stress that an individual goes through from the planning stage to completion and then carried onwards to maintenance. One important thing we need to do but tend to forget is picking the right wood for the doors and the windows. If your budgets are tight you might have to settle down with a wood that you might have to completely change in a few years. This will cause you to spend more on maintenance and repair in later years which will add up to be more than what you have spent if you purchased god wood. Here are some tips on picking the best wood that would save you money.

Do Your Research

Before you speak to any vendor, do your research. Some lumber might be excellent in certain tropical areas while it might be a waste of money in colder climates causing you a lot of money in timber window replacement and maintenance. There are two types of wood you can use; hardwood and softwood. Read about the wood, and whether it is mainly used for doors or windows. Look at the approximate prices and create a realistic budget. This will help you negotiate and get the best value of products for money.


This is a more expensive type of wood as it comes from trees that takes time to grow. The food from these trees are hardy and strong which causes it to be expensive as quality comes with a price. Oak is one of the most famous types of lumber that is used for doors, double hung windows and even for flooring. Teak, Mahogany, Maple and Beech are also types of hardwood that is commonly used in construction of houses. You have to speak to a few vendors and discuss which wood suits your budget while fulfilling your needs.


Unlike hardwood, softwood comes from trees that bear cones. It is comparatively less in price than hardwood but that does not make softwood low in quality. Usually, when you are on a tight budget, softwood should be considered and is widely used for doors, windows and even flooring. The most commonly used softwood is pine. It is mostly used for interior carpentry and can be easily recognized as it consists of red and orange streaks. Cedar of Lebanon, Western red cedar and Hemlock are some of the other commonly used wood types that falls into this category.

In conclusion, it is evident that you need to do proper research and set a realistic budget to the best wood for your house!

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