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Fake Plants Might Sound Odd, But They Are A Complete Package Of Perfect Environment

Fake plants are a new trend every other year. People mostly rely on them for the interior decoration purposes or mostly for the wedding or such outdoor events.  

Fake plants are an essential part of homes and office interior. Interior designers take the floral decorations of their projects very seriously. Real plants are not always easier to keep and they are really fragile that they end up wilting if not taken proper care. Hence to omit this issue Indoor fake plants are used. Fake plants are being made use of more and more frequently and they give a next level ambience and aesthetics to the house. Many people like the floral decoration of their homes with a theme and they follow every single detail exactly like they want it to be. Not all outdoor plants meet the color demands hence for such reasons artificial floras are made in use. 

Artificial Indoor Plants at Soilworx:  

 Soilworx brings to the table high quality, customer and environment friendly fake plants which are going to be the best choice anyone would ever make for their home interiors. Our fake flowers are made up of fine quality silk. We use the best quality of silk for our indoor floras. Silk looks really attractive because it’s glossy on the surface and it creates a subtle overview to the whole atmosphere. Silk is made in millions of diverse colors and this way it helps in meeting the customer demands related to color combinations and themed parties.  If you are interested about artificial outdoor plants you can visit https://www.soilworx.com.au/shop/plants/artificial-plants.


The quality of our floras is beyond amazing. The response we get from our happy customers makes us all comfortable and intact with our services.  

What we deal in:  

We deal in a variety of dimensions but if we talk about fake plants we made a special zone to it. And that zone is proudly of good quality and aesthetics. We deal in customized party decors, out birthday special floras are always a symbol of pride for us as our customers always stayed happy with all the magic we do at their special occasions.  

Our pricing:  

We deal in fine quality fake plants made of silk and perfect quality outdoor polyester plants. But since the good quality silk is expensive according to the market value, we stay quite low-key. We have quite an easy price tags with our floral deals , because we believe that no matter how much of a quantity customer wants fake plant is always something which might get deteriorate with time or because of sunlight and extreme weather conditions so, we made our plants to be a good investment. We have warranted plants and we tend to take the whole responsibility of the condition of our plants till that span of time.  

Our deals:   

We have special discount offers and we deal in quite a bulk or packages which make the shopping spree easier. Apart from that we also pay special discounts to our regular customers.