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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ceramic Tiles

There are multiple types of tiles introduced in our society. All of them have distinct characteristics and drawbacks. So without knowing the pros and cons selection of tile can cost you a lot. Here are some facts about the famous ceramic tiles in Melbourne.

 Easy installations

These tiles are the most commonly used for floors. These tiles are preferred because they are easy to install. The labours can easily and perfectly cut and install these tiles. Ceramic Slates are lighter in weight as compared to others. Due to lightweight and good appearance, these tiles are also best for walls. Mostly the floor tiles are compared by their durability and life. The high rated tiles are almost preferred by the people.

 Easy maintenances

The manufacturers and refiners coat these tiles with a glaze. This layer provides impressive protection and safety to the surface. This layer also makes the tiles waterproof and resistant to stains. This ability makes these tiles able to use in kitchens and washrooms. Their smooth surfaces are easy to clean and washout the dust and dirt. The bad reality of the glaze is that it get fade and lose its colour with time. So unglazed tiles are best to overcome this problem but proper sealing is required to keep the surface safe from liquids and stains. You should also seal the grout lines perfectly to avoid moisture.

 Multiple design options

When it comes to design, these tiles have many varieties. The most famous design of encaustic tiles has patterns inlaid into the tile itself than printed on the surface, unlike many other tiles. This design can never get lost just like artificial designs. So it can also be used at high foot traffic area. For beauty ceramic slates can also be printed into wood and stone styles. The good thing is it can provide wooden effect without investing money on the real woodwork. It can save your money through this way. These tiles are also cost-effective as compared to other tiles

 Not applicable for all areas

Although, these tiles have many benefits and options to use them on the floor but these are not suitable to install everywhere. You should completely match your requirements with their specifications before buying. These tiles are not stronger as compared to porcelain and can be less durable in many situations. The other problem is that these tiles are not available in multiple size especially large size. So if are willing to buy large tiles, these tiles are not for you. These tiles also have a hard surface which also becomes uncomfortable if you need to stand for a long time on it. Due to almost no flexibility, it instantly got cracked due to pressure and collisions.